Month: December, 2007

Reddit is broken redux

A quick follow-up. My last post regarding reddit ran just over a thousand words. I should be able to replicate that message with just one picture, but it turns out I need two. This is my ‘disliked’ page on reddit. These are the links that I’ve downvoted most recently: And this is my current “recommended” […]

F*cking programming

Yesterday I stumbled onto a delightful tool from Google Labs: Code Search. Turns out Google is now crawling through source code. The GoogleBot, in its never-ending quest for sentience, searches inside tars, zips, and even dives into CVS and Subversion repositories. As Code Search is targeted at programmers, you can perform fantastically powerful queries using […]

On the fundamentals of programming

Let’s start with a story. I am a volleyball fanatic. I enjoy the game in a way that borders on obsession. Lately I play three times a week for hours at a time. Now, my position is known as middle hitter. As you might have guessed, I’m the guy who stands in the middle of […]